Kyyjärven verkkolehti | helmikuu 2009
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Kiitos Kyyjärvi

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Thanks to Kyyjärvi

20.2.2009 Dominivc Hartley

Film crew return to UK with great footage, fascinating stories and fond memories.

The film crew that came from the UK to capture the story of Nopola news are returning home today.  They have been in the locality for three days, fliming and meeting the community.  Journalist Dominic Hartley reports:

A big thank you to everyone who has made these past few days so memorable.  Sometimes when you visit other countries you take home only memories, but we have tapes full of footage that have hopefully captured the incredible spirit of Kyyjärvi. 

We were on a mission to find out more about Napola News and why the EU saw fit to give the project just reward and recognition. We now know why. Nopola News is so much more than a web portal.  Yes, it offers many valuable and worthy functional services, which we will no doubt highlight in our report, but what our documentary needs to capture is the importance of the service in engaging the community.  The importance of the facility is that everyone can get invloved, whatever their interests may be and whether you are an elederly person, or a local business Nopoloa News has something to offer you.  We have visited so many interesting people who want to share their stories on the site and will be illustraating these in our film.

The future looks very promising, I believe there is talk of expanding or replicating the service in other areas and perhaps franchising out the technology.  This is all encouraging.  It would also be great to include material from outside the region in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has made our trip so rewarding.  Dominic Hartley and Robert Drewett.