Kyyjärven verkkolehti | helmikuu 2009
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Thanks to KyyjärviTouch Down in Kyyjärvi

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Touch Down in Kyyjärvi

18.2.2009 Dominic Hartley

UK Film Crew Focus on Nopola News

Journalist Dominic Hartley and Cameraman Rob Drewett have arrived in Kyyjärvi on a three day filming assignment.  Their aim is to produce a documentary video highlighting Noploa News and why EU selected the web-based community news site for award and recognition. 

Dominic writes:  "Please excuse me firstly for writing in English, my Finnish is gettíng better, but it I am only on day three in your country! We have come here to examine why the EU has given Noploa News a prestigious, international e-Inclusion award.  Immediately it is easy to see why the project is so valuable.  It seems to have captured the imagination of the municipality and there is a passionate enthusiasm for the service it provides.  It is through modern technology that this service exists and our first impressions are not of a under-resourced facility -quite the opposite - but of an organisation capable of producing broadcast quality material.  I wish everyone well with the endeavour.  

The more we travel on this assignment, the more we realise the importance of the internet and modern technology in breaking-down barriers and empowering communities with knowledge.  Geographical divides are being bridged and Nopola News is at the cutting-edge of this. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, but like all things, using it wisely is the key.  It can, and does, offer the world, but can also be addictive and destructive. 

We are really looking forward to the next few days.  I am sure we will continue to find more reasons why Nopola News desrves the recognition it has been given.