Kyyjärven verkkolehti | elokuu 2011
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Yhteistyökumppaneille logopaikka. Valitse yrityksellesi sopiva aihealue ja varaa paikkasi heti !

Youth Adventure in Finland

23.8.2011, Team 6, Minna Mäenpää, Stephane Delogne, Madeleine Brandstötter, Zoltan Kocsis

Different people from different countries. And all of them are meeting in Finland!

Hei! Hej! Hello! Hallo! Ciao! Hola! Szia!

I'm Minna from Ylivieska, Finland. I am working as a Youth Activator in a LAG Rieska-Leader. The LAG Rieska-Leader encourages young people to take a part in development actions. The Youth Leader is a funding instrument for projects carried out by young people themselves. Funding can be applied for example for arrangement events or improving hobby opportunities. The main criterion is that the young people design, execute and report the project by themselves. Working as a youth activator is fun, because I have chances to take part in this kind of adventures. I have met a wonderful people and I hope that our friendship last in spite of distance!


I'm Stephane from Belgium. I work in a LAG that takes care of the local environnement, and develops a lot of biodiversity protection projects. Í've already remark the great biological patrimony of Finland, and would like to discover more of this point. I'm living the AML experience in Finland, but the begenning was bad: we stayed blocked in the airport and arrived during the night, at 4am the second day! The air pass weren't valid! Hé hé, we passed throgout this inconvenient and hope the rest will be valuable!



I'm Madeleine from Austria. The region where I am livin is also part of a Leader Project. For me it is verz important to see how the other members of AML live in their countryside. I think you learn most by talking to each other. Young people should know what is done for the rural regions they live in, but it must be communicated. Without communication you can't know about the leader project and you can't learn from the others!



My name is Zoli, I`m from Hungary. I`m studying in university and working at home, at my familie`s farm. I am the member of the Young Farmer`s Club in Hungary, and the leader of a small group, which belong to this club. Our group have tasks like youngs in countryside, rural life...etc. Thats why I got the opportunity to come this event, Amaze me Leader! I really like this program, I like Finland, its really nice, and finninsh people are so kind and nice...
That`s all folks, guys :)